Casino payment method Gigadat

Gigadat is a financial transaction platform created by a group of payment specialists in Canada. The company was founded to help Canadians make secure online payments to national and international merchants. Gigadat, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helps connect financial institutions across Canada to make secure online transactions accessible to Canadian consumers.

Gigadat and Interac are closely intertwined. Gigadat is best known for processing the online transactions that consumers and merchants carry out via Interac. While Interac is the company that created and branded the system to connect Canadian banking institutions online, Gigadat handles the actual flow of money from consumers to merchants or online casinos.

Best Gigadat casinos with a low minimum deposit

We’ve found some of the best online casinos for you to choose from if you want to use Gigadat as a payment method. We have chosen these casinos based on their payment options, welcome bonuses, and game selection. Each of our top casinos offers games from some of the best software providers in the world to ensure you get the best gaming experience in terms of variety and quality. All the casinos we recommend, review, and rate have valid casino licences and an excellent reputation for customer service and online safety. You can choose any of the casinos on our site with peace of mind and use Gigadat’s secure platform to transfer money to and from your casino account.

Advantages of the Gigadat payment method:

According to the company’s website, Gigadat has two main goals. It aims to make online transactions fully accessible to any bank account holder across Canada. It also aims to provide e-merchants, casinos, and players with a payment gateway that is completely secure and advanced in functionality so that complicated processes seem simple, and to protect the financial safety of merchants, consumers, online casinos, and players.

There are several advantages to using Gigadat for your online casino deposits and withdrawals. It is specifically designed to provide a secure payment ecosystem for Canadians. This means it provides seamless interaction between your bank and any Canadian merchant or online casino you want to send money to. Few other platforms offer the same level of integration, making Gigadat one of the most convenient payment solutions in Canada. It provides a secure gateway to move funds from your existing bank account to your casino account without sharing your banking information, so it also offers unparalleled levels of security.

Making Casino Deposits with Gigadat

There are currently over 250 banks integrated into the Gigadat payment system, so if you are a member of one of those institutions and have online banking enabled, paying through Gigadat is easy. If you use Interac to buy something online or deposit money into your casino account, chances are you have already taken advantage of Gigadat’s ecosystem for this. All you need to do is go to the casino cashier section and select Interac as your payment option. To use the Gigadat platform, select Interac E-Transfer or Interac Online and your payment will be processed through the Gigadat gateway. The casino gives you step-by-step instructions to help you go through the transaction process smoothly. Don’t forget to enter relevant bonus codes or sign up to receive bonuses when you make your first few deposits so you can receive the casino welcome pack.

How to deposit via Gigadat with Interac Online

When you are in the cashier section of the casino, select the Interac Online option. Choose the amount you want to deposit. If you want to claim a casino bonus, please check the minimum deposit required to qualify for the bonus. A new window will open where you can choose your own bank from the list of options. This will take you to your bank’s online banking page. All you need to do is make an online money transfer as you normally do. You must be registered for online banking for this option to work.

How to deposit via Gigadat with Interac E-Transfer

If you prefer to use the e-transfer option to make a deposit into your casino account, select Interac E-Transfer as your payment option when you are in the banking section of your casino. Choose the amount you want to deposit and a new window will open with instructions to complete the transaction. Log in to your online banking profile, choose Interac E-Transfer and use the information provided in the instruction window to complete the online banking form. This includes the recipient’s name, an email address, the amount you wish to deposit, and a unique ID. While this sounds complicated when you describe it, the process is relatively simple and provides all the information, including the answer to the security question that may be asked by your bank. Just follow the steps when prompted, and your money will be in your casino account shortly.

Withdraw your winnings with Gigadat.

Making a withdrawal via the Gigadat gateway is just as easy. Once you have accepted a bonus, you must meet the casino’s wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Once you have done this and you have withdrawable winnings in your casino account, please select the amount you wish to withdraw and choose Interac Online or Interac E-Transfer when requesting a withdrawal. The casino will walk you through the process and, depending on the internal banking processes of the casino you choose, the payout process should be quick and easy.

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure whether you will use Gigadat to deposit money into your casino account? If you need more information, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide if this is a good payment option for you.

Are Interac and Gigadat the same?

No, Interac is the company that created the system that connects banking institutions across Canada, while Gigadat is the payment gateway that Interac users use to complete their e-transfers or online services. Although they are interconnected, not all Interac transactions use Gigadat and vice versa.

I used the wrong email address when withdrawing my money. What happens now?

If you have used an address that does not exist, the e-transfer notification will be undeliverable. In this case, the money will be refunded to your casino account. If you have used an existing email address that you do not have access to, you can use the contact form on the Gigadat website to cancel the transaction.

Why was my deposit not successful?

There are several reasons why a deposit may not be successful. You must use the unique ID provided by the casino in the e-transfer message field. This unique ID cannot be used for other transactions. It should also be correct, so Gigadat recommends copying and pasting it rather than retyping it. You must initiate the transaction in the casino first before sending an e-transfer, and make sure that the amount you send and the amount you list on the casino site are the same. When you initiate a deposit transaction, you must complete it within 24 hours, or else the transaction will expire and the process will have to start over.

I need help with a Gigadat transfer via Interac E-Transfer. Whom do I contact?

If you need assistance with a deposit or withdrawal transaction that you initiated via Interac E-Transfer, please contact Gigadat. Since the transaction is processed through Gigadat, Interac cannot help you.

How do I know if Gigadat is safe to use?

Gigadat has been around for 35 years and has proven to be a secure platform that makes complicated banking transactions easy. Some security features are built-in and some are part of the process of making sure the money is transferred by the account owner. One of these measures is the security query step. When you make an e-transfer, Gigadat sends you the answer to a security question in the notification message. You must copy and paste this answer to complete your transaction.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Gigadat

There is no such thing as a perfect payment system, and like all other banking options available at online casinos, Gigadat has its pros and cons.


  • Wire transfers are fast, and your money should be in your account almost immediately.
  • Your bank account information will not be shared with the casino, and your bank will not see that your transaction was to a casino.
  • You don’t need to create a third-party account, so you don’t have to remember one password and you don’t have to pay any costs to the third party.
  • Gigadat offers a convenient payment solution integrated with all major Canadian banks.
  • Based on partnerships with banking institutions, Gigadat is only available in Canada to date, although they are starting to expand into the US. However, this solution is not available for European, Australian, or New Zealand players.
  • The E-Transfer process may have a few more steps than other payment systems.
  • Not all casinos give you the option to choose Interac Online or Interac E-Transfer, so the option to pay via Gigadat may not be as widely available as Visa or MasterCard options.
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