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Instadebit used to be a purely Canadian way of paying online. However, it has expanded its services to more than 32 countries. Today, it is one of the preferred online casino payment solutions that offers great flexibility, convenience, and affordability. It only takes two steps to register, and there is no charge.

In Canada, Instadebit connects directly to the country’s banking system and offers relatively similar instant bank transfer options to other countries. This means that you can deposit funds directly from your bank account to your real-money online casino account in real time, in the blink of an eye, without any waiting.

This incredibly efficient way of banking has quickly become one of the most popular online deposit methods among players—both in Canada and around the world—and is widely accepted by the online casino community along with thousands of other merchants, so you can use your account for a range of things. While Instadebit is available in many countries, there are some casino operators that only allow access to Canadian players. Always check with the platform before choosing Instadebit as your preferred banking method.

Setting up your Instadebit account is quick and easy. The completely streamlined process involves just a few steps for entering information.

You can go to the main website and click the “Sign Up Now” button on the home page. You will then need to enter your personal identification information and your bank account information to fund your account.

The whole process only takes a few seconds, and you can start funding your online casino accounts right away.

To date, Instadebit is available in Canada, Australia, Argentina, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Estonia, France, Denmark, Chile, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Peru, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Latvia, Uruguay, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, and Slovakia. Instadebit is not available to players in the United States.

The Advantages of Instadebit

There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of using Instadebit as an online payment method is how quickly you can transfer money—instantly, that is, in real time. You can deposit money into your account via real-time banking and your account will be credited instantly.

Depositing money from your Instadebit account to your real-money online casino account is also instant. Interestingly, you don’t need to have real money in your account to transact. You can withdraw money directly from your bank account if there is not enough in your Instadebit account.

You can also use Instadebit to make withdrawals from your favourite online casinos directly to your e-wallet. The money is credited very quickly, often within a few hours. You can use Instadebit wherever the logo is displayed.

Another major benefit of using Instadebit as a preferred method of online casino banking is its top-notch security. All communications between the casino and your bank are fully encrypted from start to finish to prevent your financial and personal information from falling into unscrupulous hands, i.e., third parties.

This encryption technology also provides total anonymity as you do not have to hand over your credit card or personal information to third parties.

While some players may consider this a downfall, most don’t mind. All you need to do is register, open an Instadebit account and start using it. As we mentioned, all transactions through Instadebit are executed instantly and are completely free of charge.

If there’s one thing we really need to dig into (and it’s pretty hard to do), it’s that Instadebit isn’t available in every country in the world, meaning some players may be banned from the service. The same is true for some banks that do not accept Instadebit as a funding source. However, for European and British players, this is not a problem at all. time

frame and cost.

As you may have understood, one of the biggest advantages that you will love with Instadebit is that there is no charge. Nothing. So you don’t pay any extra fees when you transfer your money from your bank account to your Instadebit account. The same goes for when you deposit money from your account into your online casino account for real money.

In addition, Instadebit has very reasonable limits when it comes to how much money they leave you in your account and how much you are allowed to deposit or transfer to your favourite online casinos.

In addition, the exchange rates are incredibly user-friendly and are usually determined based on the global exchange rates. One notable feature that sets Instadebit head and shoulders above other payment methods is that they use a credit card system, which you can thank for the lack of fees charged for using their services.

So let’s reiterate: every transaction you make with Instadebit is free. There is really only one exception that we have to mention, and that is if you want to transfer money back to your checking account or current account. You pay a low fee of €2 for every withdrawal that you want to transfer to your bank account. As a result, there are no fees for depositing funds into your casino account!

As for the current deposit limits, it all depends on the casino you prefer to play at, and you should visit your virtual cashier to find out as they differ from one online casino to another. While the limits are indeed set by Instadebit, they are above the normal online casino deposit limits. If you would like to increase your limits, you can contact your online casino support team or Instadebit support team. As with most payment options, limits for new users are usually lower.

Fortunately, transfers with Instadebit are instant, meaning you can play right away at your online casino of choice. In addition, you can withdraw money into your account within 2–6 hours.

Usually, online casinos don’t charge a service fee for using Instadebit. Just remember the small transaction fees for transferring funds back to your bank account. It’s free to open an Instadebit account.

If at any point you get stuck and need help with your Instadebit account or online casino transactions through Instadebit, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with Instadebit’s highly efficient and friendly customer support team. You can email the support team, talk to a representative online via live chat, or if you want to speak to someone in person, you can always call them on their excellent 24/7 hotline. You can find all the details on the Instadebit website.

Deposit with Instadebit.

When it comes to making deposits with Instadebit, you don’t really need to fund your account upfront. On the other hand, Instadebit facilitates instant and instant money transfers, so you can quickly and easily fund your online casino account right from the casino’s virtual cashier. All you need to do is select Instadebit as your preferred online deposit method, enter your ID and password to authorise your bank’s instant transfer via Instadebit, and you’re done. For complete anonymity, this also ensures that your banking and personal information is not accessible to the online casino operator.

Instadebit recordings

All withdrawal requests are processed through the bank account you registered and validated when you registered for your Instadebit account. Your withdrawals are processed via a direct bank transfer from the funds to your bank account. You can only withdraw money from the bank account that you registered and validated when signing up.


Safety and security are paramount to any type of online banking and gambling. The good news is that Instadebit is one of the safest ways to make your online casino deposits and withdrawals. All payments are fully encrypted and your personal information is always kept separate from your payments, meaning it is always anonymous and super secure. One of the best security measures that Instadebit uses is end-to-end 128-bit SSL encryption software to keep your data and your money safe.


Overall, Instadebit is a completely hassle-free payment method that allows not only Canadian players but many other players around the world to make deposits at some of the best online casinos out there. It’s free, fast when it comes to transferring money, and keeps all your financial and personal information safe. Instadebit offers a great way to transact online, and it’s so easy that you can get started right away.


Instadebit is completely free to use and is the only online casino payment method with no transaction fees attached.

You can start using your Instadebit account from the moment you sign up.

Signing up is free; there are no costs involved.

You don’t need a debit or credit card as Instadebit transfers payments directly from your bank account.

You can view all your past transactions online.

The friendly and helpful customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Merchants such as online casino operators who accept deposits through Instadebit do not have access to your personal information.

The system is completely confidential.

It takes a matter of seconds to create an account and transfer your money. You

can only use the money you have transferred. There’s no credit facility, which means it’s easier than ever to manage your bankroll and keep an eye on your spending.

There is simply no chance of overspending.

All in all, Instadebit is ideal for online gamblers who want to strictly control their bankroll. This e-wallet has earned itself a superior reputation for being ultra-secure and secure, as it minimises the amount of detail you need to provide so that your security is never compromised.

If you’ve been considering Instadebit as a casino payment method, now’s the time to try it out!

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